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design process

Step 1: Consultation

This is a meeting between the client and designer to discuss the project at hand. During this time, the designer will learn the client's wish list, project scope, desired budget, and any other information necessary to move forward. 

Step 2: Concepting

Once all information has been gathered, the designer can proceed with the design. This will include selecting each piece, carefully considering every finish and fabric choice, creating a computer-drafted layout plan, and putting together palettes and boards, all while keeping the desired price point in mind.

Step 3: Presentation

After the design concept is completed, it can be presented to the client. During this meeting the designer will have images of the selected pieces to show, as well samples that could include fabrics, finishes, wallcoverings, tile, rugs, flooring, etc. The client has the opportunity to look over the design, ask questions and request any necessary adjustments. 

Step 4: Ordering

Upon client approval of the design and budget, the project quote must be signed along with a 50% deposit. Then the ordering can begin!

Step 5: Installation

The designer will coordinate with movers and sub-contractors to schedule the installation of furniture and any other necessary fixtures. We love seeing the end result with our clients, knowing that we've put time and care into each detail to make their space truly special. 

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